The Nest Mascot

So the Nest has a mascot. And it’s a seagull. Want to know why?

A Brief History Lesson

In 1933 The Ubyssey held a contest to select a mascot for UBC. Numerous ideas were included: Corsairs, Spartans, Thunderbirds, Golden Eagles, and Musqueams. However a write-in candidate was included last minute and ended up being the overwhelming winner: Seagulls.

The Ubyssey was not amused and after much debate and a lengthy meeting Thunderbirds was finally decided on.


As the student society of UBC, we felt it was important to listen to the long-ignored voice of UBC students.












The hashtag of The Nest campaign. Hopefully it reminds you that this building is YOURS! Students were the largest financial contributors and lead the project the entire time.

Oh yeah, and this: