Council Summary, November 7th & 14th 2018

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of November 7/14, 2018 (it was continued over two sessions):


Cameras and Air Conditioners: Council approved an expenditure of $88,000 for air conditioning units for areas holding IT and other equipment to prevent the equipment from overheating and also approved an expenditure of close to $20,000 for additional security cameras in the Nest.


Music election: In accordance with new rules in Code, AMS Elections Administrator Halla Bertrand announced the results of the recent Constituency elections in Music.  She noted the good turnout (18.5%).


Elections Committee: Council appointed three members of the Elections Committee: Madeleine Gustavson (Chief Returning Officer), Justice Tuccaro (Events Officer), and Zahra Karim Jivani (Communications Officer).


Excellence Fund: Max Holmes, the VP Academic & University Affairs, updated Council on the University’s Excellence Fund, especially on what the AMS’s priorities are for spending from the fund.  The AMS is advocating for such things as more funding for Work Learn, scholarships for Indigenous students, expanding Jump Start to serve all first year students (not just international ones), and graduate student fellowships.


Victoria Lobby Trip: VP External Cristina Ilnitchi reported on the trip, in which the AMS collaborated with the BC Federation of Students and the Simon Fraser Students Society to advocate for the elimination of interest on student loans, the introduction of a needs-based, upfront grants program, funding for Open Educational Resources, and a review of sexual violence policies and implementation.


What is the Ubyssey, and How Do You Pronounce It?  The Ubyssey’s Zak Vescera and Alex Nguyen provided a brief history of the paper and explained how it interacts with the AMS.


New Clubs: VP Administration Chris Hakim told Council that 22 new clubs have been constituted.


Executive and Council: After a long discussion of interactions on Council, a motion was passed directing the Student Life Committee to look into possible social events for Council bonding and directing the Governance Committee to look into possible Code changes to deal with the issues raised in the discussion.


Discipline Votes: In the second half of the meeting (on November 14) Council had a long debate about the rules to follow when voting on disciplinary measures and eventually passed some Code amendments embodying a compromise on the issue: notice will have to be given to those about to be disciplined, unless the discipline motion is in response to conduct at a meeting, in which case action can be taken immediately.  Also, those being disciplined may not vote on the motion.


A Room of Their Own: Council approved a Code amendment to give office space in the Nest for the student Senators and the student representatives on the Board of Governors.


Next meeting:  The next regular Council meeting will be at 6 pm on November 28, 2018 in the Michael Kingsmill Forum on the fourth floor of the Nest.


Sheldon Goldfarb

Archivist & Clerk of Council