This fall, Canadians across the country will head to the polls once again to participate in the federal election. In 2015, voter turnout among young people between the ages of 18 and 24 went from 39% to 57%. Students are more engaged than ever and voting in greater numbers. This year, it will have a critical effect on the election’s outcome, with 18 to 38 year olds representing the single largest voting bloc in the county.

Your vote matters more than ever.

This election cycle, the AMS will be coordinating a campus wide, non-partisan, and issues-based Get Out the Vote Campaign: UBC Votes 2019. We are engaging and educating students across UBC about the issues being discussed this federal election, especially those closest at heart to students across Canada: from Affordability to Climate Action to Indigenous Rights and Reconciliation. If you can vote, we’ll be telling you about how easy it is to vote no matter where your riding is. If you can’t, we’ll be telling you about how you can get involved and encourage your community to get out and vote. Check out the multitude of events, from Federal Debate Watch Parties at the Gallery to an All-Candidates Debate for our riding of Vancouver-Quadra; there will be countless opportunities to learn more and to get involved in this election. For now: stay tuned to the AMS for more as our campaign rolls out, and register to vote online, at elections.ca