2020 AES and AMS COVID Survey Reports

We’re thrilled to present the summary reports of the 2020 Academic Experience Survey and the AMS COVID-19 Survey.

Academic Experience Survey

The Academic Experience Survey (AES) is going into its eighth year, and in the midst of an unprecedented time in which post-secondary institutions and institutions are re-evaluating “the new normal.” For the past six years, we have utilized the market research firm, Insights West, to conduct this survey. The Academic Experience Survey is one of the AMS’ most valuable tools in data-driven advocacy, which is more essential than ever.

COVID-19 Survey

This report details the data collected from the “COVID-19 Impacts on UBC Students Survey” and outlines the student advocacy response plans of the AMS addressing the trends. The purpose was to gather data on the major financial, academic, and safety/wellbeing concerns of all UBC students that were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure any aid programs for students are informed of their needs and priorities.

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