AMS Endorses 350’s JustRecovery Principles

The AMS has long advocated for the various levels of governments and the university to
act swiftly and boldly to combat climate change, the greatest threat to human existence.
With the pandemic sweeping through the globe, it has given the human race a chance, if
not the last chance, to change our steering to a direction where we will be able to live on
this Earth for generations to come.

After unanimous approval from the AMS advocacy committee, the AMS publicly endorses
the 5 JustRecovery principles laid out by the organization 350. The 5 principles being:

  1. Put people’s health first, no exceptions.
  2. Provide economic relief directly to the people.
  3. Help workers and communities, not corporate executives.
  4. Create resilience for future crises.
  5. Build solidarity and community across borders – don’t empower authoritarians.

By endorsing these principles, the AMS promises that we will create policies that align with
the JustRecovery principles and always advocate on behalf of the student body to fight for a sustainable, just and humanitarian COVID-19 recovery plan. This is to ensure that as a
society we will advocate the government to not go back to the pre-COVID norm but rather
make a societal progression to fulfill the duties given by the Paris climate accord and to
leave a better world for our future generations.

You can read more about these principles here and we would like to end this statement with
a quote by a former faculty member of UBC, Dr. David Suzuki: “ The human brain now
holds the key to our future. We have to recall the image of the planet from outer space: a
single entity in which air, water, and continents are interconnected. That is our home.”

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