AMS Statement on the Annual General Meeting

On October 23, 2019, the AMS held its Annual General Meeting in the Lower Atrium of the Nest in order to engage with its membership on its overall activities. However, the AMS was unable to provide 14 days notice in an electronic notice board of the Annual General Meeting, as per AMS Bylaw 3(2)(a)(i). We recognise that this mistake is ours and the AMS deeply apologises for not providing ample electronic notice to its membership regarding the Annual General Meeting.

Moving forward, the AMS acknowledges its difficulties with organising the Annual General Meeting and looks to do better. We will begin conducting an environmental scan of how other student unions conduct effective annual general meetings. Once the research is complete, we will be compiling a report that will be made public in which we will address the issues with organising the Annual General Meeting, provide a clear plan as how to prepare for it and engage with students, and provide recommendations for changes to outdated provisions within the AMS Bylaws.

The AMS hopes that this statement and apology exhibits our regrets in not engaging with students to the best of our ability and our passion to do better.


Thank you.