Council Summary – February 6, 2019

New software system: Council approved funding for a new software system for HR and Payroll.

Election timeline: Elections Administrator Halla Bertrand outlined the schedule of events, culminating in voting March 4-8 for the AMS Executive positions and student seats on Senate and the Board of Governors.  [Note: These dates were changed after the emergency Council meeting of February 19.]

Referendum on SASC fee: Council voted to call a referendum to increase the fee for sexual assault support services, most of which goes to the Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC).  The increase would raise the fee from $3.63 to $9.30 to pay for the expansion of SASC services.

Other fee referendums: Council also voted to call referendums to decrease the graduating class fee from $7 to $3, to continue the U-Pass transit program for the next five years, and to introduce a 95-cent fee to create an Indigenous Student Fund.

Bylaw referendum: Council also voted to call a referendum on bylaw amendments that would abolish Student Court and introduce some limitations on access to confidential records.

New title for Elections Administrator: Council voted to change the title Elections Administrator to Chief Electoral Officer, effective May 1.

Campus Vibe: Council voted to use money from the Contingency Fund to pay for the extension of the contract with Campus Vibe to continue the use of the Clubhouse software platform for AMS clubs.

Fall Reading Break: Because of a lack of time for a full discussion, Council decided not to vote on whether to endorse plans for a Fall Reading Break, but instead voted to endorse the creation of a UBC Vancouver Senate working group to look into the issue.

Next meeting: The next regular Council meeting will be at 6 pm on February 27, 2019 in the Michael Kingsmill Forum on the fourth floor of the Nest. 

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