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Council Summary — January 11, 2023

Show Me the Money! Council amended Code to require the Finance Committee and other committees to report on expenditures they authorize that don’t go to Council for approval.

Election Appeals Committees: Council discussed a revised version of a proposal to amend the composition of the appeal committees, but for the second time sent the proposal back to the Governance Committee for further discussion.

Elections Committee Appointments: Council appointed a Communications Officer (Shayan Jahangiri) and two Polling Officers.

Elections Administrator: Council appointed Max Holmes, a former Elections Administrator, to take over from Ashley Haines, who is resigning.

Governance Review: Council appointed President Eshana Bhangu to chair the Goverance Review Committee, replacing Max Holmes, who resigned to become the Elections Administrator.  Council also appointed Councillor Thomas Dunsmore to fill the vacated spot on the committee.

Services Review: Kathleen Simpson, the Senior Manager for Student Services, presented the triennial review of the Services, recommending the elimination of two Services and the integration of the Sexual Assault Support Centre with the other Services.  She also noted the large growth in usage at the Food Bank, adding that she is working to increase its funding from the University.

Housing Service: As recommended, Council voted to eliminate the Housing Service, but a transformed version of it is meant to be incorporated into an expanded Advocacy Service.  The AMS will no longer help with finding housing, but instead will focus on supporting students having disputes with landlords or other housing issues.

eHub: Council also ended the Entrepreneurship service on the advice of the Senior Manager of Student Services, who noted that there are other resources for entrepreneurs on campus, and eHub is not as much needed as the other Services.

Financial fix: President Eshana Bhangu reported that an external firm has been brought in to do an audit of the problems with the financial system, especially concerning reimbursements, and hopefully steps will be taken next week to fix things.

VP Academic & University Affairs: President Bhangu announced that the VPAUA, Dana Turdy, has gone on an extended leave of absence and a job posting for her replacement has gone up.

Nest open during exams: President Bhangu noted that with the libraries not staying open for extended hours during exams, the AMS Nest stepped in and stayed open 24/7. She recommended this be continued in future exam periods.

Flooding: VP Administration Ben Du reported on the flooding that occurred in the Life Building, which affected several clubs.  The damage was contained and the clubs will be reimbursed.

Next meeting:

The next regular Council meeting will be on Wednesday, January 25 in the Michael Kingsmill Forum in the Nest at 6 pm. 

Sheldon Goldfarb

Archivist & Clerk of Council

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