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Council Summary — July 27, 2022

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of July 27, 2022:

Sustainability: After hearing a presentation from the Sustainability team, Council approved the sustainability priorities for the year, which include:

  • reducing greenhouse gases
  • updating the waste scale
  • revitalizing the composter
  • relocating Soapstand
  • opening a lending library of equipment
  • increasing engagement with the Interactive Sustainability Centre
  • introducing climate friendly food labels
  • including Indigenous perspectives in the AMS Sustainability Plan.

Code Changes: Council approved a series of Code changes:

  • to allow committee chairs to remove committee members
  • to have Executives make written instead of oral reports to Council
  • to allow Executives to send proxies to committee meetings
  • to specify that interim Executives serve 20 hours a week
  • to provide procedures for the Finance Committee to approve small budget changes
  • to exclude non-voting Councillors from in camera sessions
  • to have committee chairs notify the President when there is a committee vacancy.

Committee Appointments: Council amended the policy on committee appointments so that though nominations to fill committee spots will take place before Council meets, the actual selection will take place at the Council meeting.

External Policy Manual: Council voted to retire the largely out-of-date External Policy Manual and ordered that a new one be created.

Elections Administrator/CEO: Council approved a change in the title Chief Electoral Office to Elections Administrator.

Air Conditioning: Council heard an update on the Nest air conditioning project from Michael Kingsmill of the AMS Design Office.

Interim VP Finance: Council passed a motion to name AMS President Eshana Bhangu as the interim VP Finance until a by-election can be held in September to replace former VP Finance Rita Jin, who resigned.

Next meeting:

The next regular Council meeting will be on Wednesday, August 17 in the Michael Kingsmill Forum in the Nest an hour later than usual, at 7 pm. 

Sheldon Goldfarb

Archivist & Clerk of Council

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