Council Summary – May 25, 2024

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of May 25, 2024:

First Meeting:  The first meeting of the new Council took place on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of Council orientation and focused primarily on committee appointments.

Constituency fee changes: First Council approved fee changes brought forward by the Nursing Undergraduate Society, the Land & Food Undergraduate Society, and the Kinesiology Undergraduate Society.

New food outlet: At the end of the meeting Council approved a new food outlet, El Cartel, specializing in Mexican cuisine, to go in the old Flavour Lab location.

Appointments: In between, it was time for appointments.  All committees were filled, and the following chairs were appointed:

                     Advocacy Committee: Drédyn Fontana

                     HR Committee: Lawrence Liu

                     Finance Committee: Gavin Fung-Quon

                     Governance Committee: Eshana Bhangu

                     Operations Committee: Amy Liao

                     Student Life Committee: Cameron Taylor

Next meeting:

The next regular Council meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, June 19, 2024 in the Michael Kingsmill Forum in the Nest at 6 pm. 

Sheldon Goldfarb

Archivist & Clerk of Council

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