Council Summary – November 12, 2020

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of November 12, 2020 (held virtually on Zoom):


Code and Policies: Council amended Code and its Policy on Policies to create a new category of Strategic Plans separate from regular policies.


Advisory Board: Council extended the terms of three members of the Advisory Board.


UCRU: Council heard from two leaders of the national federation of students known as Undergraduates of Canadian Research-intensive Universities (UCRU), to which the AMS belongs.  UCRU has been an informal coalition up to now, but plans are to formalize it and introduce bylaws and fees.


Committee chair transitions: Council discussed a proposed new policy on what outgoing committee chairs should provide to their successors and informally agreed with the idea of paying honorariums to outgoing chairs for their transition work.


COVID-19: President Cole Evans announced that to deal with the COVID second wave all in-person events in the Nest are being suspended and seating is being halved in the Gallery Lounge.  He also said that business revenue is down 90%, but Services are still functioning.


Executive Reports: VP Finance Lucia Liang said there will be consultations on what to do with the Health and Dental surplus.  VP Administration Sylvester Mensah Jr. said the AMS will play a bigger role in this year’s (virtual) Student Leadership Conference and said the Runoff Garden in the Nest should be fully operational soon.  He also said room bookings and boothing in the Nest have been suspended, and seating has been reduced.


Service Film: Student Services Manager Ian Stone showed a video that has been done to promote the Tutoring service.


AMS Events: Council discussed a Halloween beer crawl involving the AMS Events Department, which posted photos of unmasked people partying.  When President Cole Evans talked of the department not aligning with AMS values, Councillors asked how that was possible and set up a committee to look into the structure of the department.


Next meeting:

The next regular Council meeting will be held on November 25, 2020.

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