CANCELLED: Nest Open 24 Hours – November 26-30

UPDATE: With the transit strike averted the Nest will go back to its regular operating hours.


In light of the upcoming transit strike, the AMS will be extending the AMS Nest’s Operating Hours
to be open for 24 hours for the following overnight periods:

  • Tuesday, November 26th
  • Wednesday, November 27th
  • Thursday, November 28th
  • Friday, November 29th

The goal of this extension is to provide students with a place to stay if they are unable to make
their commute to class or home due to the strike. Security services will be on duty to patrol the
building, and the safety of UBC students is the AMS’ top priority.

All public access areas of the building will be open, and students will be allowed to
utilize the Nest as they would be permitted during normal operating hours. While the AMS hopes
to ensure student comfort to the greatest possible extent, students should note that building
resources will be limited during the overnight hours.

The AMS will be opening designated, student-only, quiet areas to provide space for students who wish to rest overnight. Students are also permitted to sleep in other areas of the building provided that they are in a safe location and are not causing an obstruction. Camping or tenting in the AMS Nest is prohibited as per AMS
Policy I-7.

Additional important and other relevant information:

Operating Hours
The 24 hour operating schedule for the AMS Nest will begin at 11pm on Tuesday, November 26th and end at 7:00am on Saturday November 30th.

Safety and Security
The AMS will have security on patrol during the overnight operating hours. Students are expected to cooperate with instructions issued by security personnel. Any concerns about safety or suspicious behaviour can be directed to UBC Campus Security at 604-822-2222. In the event of an emergency or criminal activity, call 911.

Food and Drink
At this time, the AMS will not be providing food or drink to students utilizing the Nest overnight. Students are encouraged to plan meals in advance, or use 24 hour restaurants in University Village. Food will be permitted in all accessible areas of the Nest. Alcohol and other controlled substances will not be permitted in any area.

Students are permitted to sleep in all accessible areas of the Nest as long as they are in a safe location and are not obstructing traffic. Camping or tenting is not permitted in the building at any time. Sleeping bags and blankets are permitted. Students are responsible for taking all their belongings with them each day. Items left in the Nest will be taken to lost and found.

Quiet Areas
There will be designated quiet areas in the building that can be utilized by UBC students only. A valid UBC Card is required for entrance, and the rooms will be guarded by security. There will be a female/non-binary identifying only space, as well as a general quiet area. These rooms will be available subject to capacity and may change on a nightly basis. Students will be asked to leave the quiet areas at 7:00AM each morning.

While we do not anticipate the Nest or designated quiet rooms reaching capacity overnight, in the event that crowding becomes an issue students are asked to remain patient and follow instructions from relevant personnel.

UBC Building Operations will continue to service the AMS Nest throughout the extended operating hours. Students looking to shower are encouraged to use facilities in the UBC Aquatic Centre.

The AMS appreciates the patience and cooperation of students in advance.

Chris Hakim,
AMS President

Cole Evans,
AMS VP of Administration