Statement Regarding Report of Anti-Black Racial Profiling Incident

The AMS is aware of a report regarding an incident of racial profiling that occurred on June 8th at the UBC Vancouver campus. You can read more about the incident here.

We call upon the University to conduct a fair, independent, and transparent investigation into this incident. The AMS highlights the recent pattern of racism occurring on campus, and we expect that the University will take a zero-tolerance approach with this incident and act to deconstruct systemic racism on campus. We must always be working to deconstruct these systemic patterns of racialized discrimination and anti-Black racism.

The University must be accountable to uphold its commitments to anti-racist action and fostering an inclusive community and endeavour to implement training for public safety officers, authority figures, staff and faculty members at UBC to recognize and eliminate bias in both blatant and microaggressive forms.

Together we must stand firmly against anti-Black racism, and support Black students and community members who are affected by discrimination in the pursuit of justice, accountability, and the fight against racism. Read more about our commitment to supporting students who are Black, as well as additional educational resources for non-Black individuals here.


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