AMS Sustainability Mural Contest

The world is at a crossroads. As the climate crisis continues to worsen, the need for bold action is greater than ever. As the leading student union in Canada, it is imperative that the AMS take an active role in both the creation and support of initiatives that take an intersectional approach to help the planet, support students, and create a better world for us all.

The objective of this design competition is to use art to draw community attention to issues surrounding social, economic, and environmental sustainability, and to display a narrative from the perspective of UBC students.

You get to design a mural by yourself or with a team of your pals that embodies the theme of sustainability, submit this to the competition and get a chance to work with local mural artists and subject area experts to refine your concept. Four murals will be chosen, all to be displayed in the new AMS Sustainability Corridor in the basement level of the UBC Student life Building.

Each winning individual or team will receive a prize of $500.00 & each winning submission will be granted funding for the fabrication and installation of their design in the respective locations.


Submissions can be made as a team or an individual and can be formed from any combination of degrees or programs. Teams may only consist of up to 4 team members.

Only one submission per individual or team will be accepted and considered. Re-submissions are possible up until the submission deadline.

Submissions can only be made by students who are fee-paying AMS members, and are enrolled in a degree diploma program administered by UBC Vancouver.


There are four columns selected for murals and four different winning designs will be featured at the locations respectively.

Wall Locations:

  • Life Building Basement next to ARC
  • Dimensions: 55 ft square
  • Length: 11ft
  • Width: 5ft


  1. Deadline is February 15, 2021
  2. The submission should be addressed to the correct wall dimensions with according design to align with the size of the space and be colourized.
  3. The submission must be made in Portable Document Format (.pdf).
  4. Student(s) must provide a Design Brief that includes the following:
    a. Personal Information (Preferred Name, Student Number, Faculty and Program)
    b. Artist Statement ( 250 words maximum ) – the statement should explain the meaning behind the piece, how it relates to sustainability at UBC and how it engages the public. Refer to the judging criteria for direction.
  5. Submit all information to this form


The designs will be presented to a judging panel who will choose the final designs for each location. The panel will be composed of members of the AMS Design team, student leaders in sustainability, faculty members with related research, and the art community at UBC.


Students(s) that have their design chosen will be eligible for a monetary prize of $500 (CAD), in addition to having their mural funded, and installed in March 2021.

You will have the opportunity to work with the AMS Design office and a professional mural artist to actualize project design. You will work together to determine the next steps related to fabrication and installation.


Questions concerning the AMS Sustainability Mural Competition can be directed to: