Chris Hakim, AMS president (2019-2020): “Services are the cornerstone of the organization ”

In this series of stories, members of the current AMS Executive team (2019-2020) share a bit about themselves, their role in the organization, and their experience in the position. So far, we’ve heard from the VP AUA, the VP External Affairs, and the VP Finance.

Today is the turn for Chirs Hakim, AMS President (2019-2020). He is working towards a degree in Political Science and has been the public face of the AMS for the past year.  

 “The AMS was my first office job and what surprised me most about it was the culture. When I first started, I expected the tough standards and everyone coming into the office in suits. Turns out that a bunch of students were coming in casually and having fun in the open office. The AMS surprised me with how student-run it is in the very sense of the word “student”.

Services are the cornerstone of the organization because they really show the meaningful impact that the AMS has on students. For example, the Foodbank has assisted many students who are facing food insecurity. 

During my time as President, I’ve learned how large and complex the organization is. I remember first walking into the offices and thinking how much of a maze. The AMS truly is a complex organization but I think that is a reflection of what it represents – students. Students’ issues are complex, from food insecurity to affordability, housing insecurity to tuition.

The most challenging part of my job this year has been the COVID-19. It’s not a normal thing to say that you had to run a multi-million organization that serves 58,000+ students during a global pandemic. Having to ensure that both students and staff were being provided with the necessary support during this time while also making sure that work was being done efficiently and effectively was a challenge. Thankfully, I had the amazing support of my fellow executives, staff, and UBC administrators to strategize different ways to support the UBC community.

Now that my time as President is coming to an end I’m looking into new projects and I’m definitely going to try to pick up coding again.”

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