Nominations for candidates are opening soon

The AMS Elections are just around the corner! Whether you want to run in the elections or are an active student voter, this election season is an exciting opportunity to have your voice heard. Over the following months, you will hear a lot about the AMS Elections and why you should vote. We hope that you follow the election process closely this year and consider voting during election week.

The first step is selecting candidates to run for the elections. The nomination process will be opened from January 10th to February 14th.

What positions will be up for election?

You can send your nomination for AMS Executive positions, Senate At-Large, Board of Governors Student Representatives and Student Legal Fund Society (SLFS) Directors. Find out more about these positions. 

Why should I run?

The AMS Elections are an important annual occasion in which our student community elects student representatives for the AMS, and vote on key issues through referenda. This is an integral process in deciding how we, the students, want our university to improve, change, or stay the same! Should you complete the nominee process successfully, you have the unique opportunity to be a candidate in the AMS Elections and share your ideas with the UBC community through your campaigning and our hosted debates.

How do I become a nominee?

In order to become a nominee, you need to fill in a form which will be available online or outside the AMS Offices in The Nest, 3rd Floor from January 10th. You will also need to collect signatures from your fellow students that support your candidacy.


  • For AMS Executive positions, you need 50 signatures
  • For Board of Governors, you need 7 signatures
  • For Senate At-Large you need 3 signatures
  • For SLFS Directors you need 2 signatures


All forms must be submitted in person at the Administrative Assistant’s office in Nest Room 3502 before February 14th.
Once the nominations process is completed, you must attend an all-candidates meeting on February 14th at 5 pm.


More information

For more information or if you have any questions,  contact

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