The Plastic Container that Led to Forever Hatred

Ah, the joys of shared your living. While it’s nice to have someone to share your day with, there are times you definitely wished you lived alone! Maybe some of these stories will make you actually appreciate your completely normal roommate.

“I went home on the weekend and I’d left a tupperware container with ice sitting on the counter. I just forgot about it and it obviously melted when I left. The one guy that I was living with texted me asking what was in the container that I had left on the counter, but I didn’t know what he was talking about. I told him to just check because I wasn’t sure, to which he said he wouldn’t, and then I remembered, so I told him that it was just water and he could just throw it out – but he wanted me to go back to clean it myself because he didn’t want to touch it. A container with water. I lived 2 hours away so I obviously said no, and he straight up hated me for the rest of the year. For leaving a tupperware container with water on the counter over a weekend. Like, seriously? He wouldn’t even speak to me when we crossed paths in the house. Oh, later on he also left our stove on for a whole day and nearly burnt our house down. What a great year.”

Got a roommate story to share? Give us your worse here.

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