The Transit Strike has Begun, and Workers are Keeping it Casual

By Natalie Chu

November 1st marked the official start of the Vancouver transit strike. After days of unsuccessful negotiations between the Coast Mountain Bus Company and the union that represents the transit workers – Unifor, it was announced that transit worker action will proceed. The strike has started with a uniform and overtime ban. Bus drivers can be spotted in anything from hoodies, to Canucks jerseys as they sport their “casual Fridays” look behind the wheel.

“I think it’s awesome…I even saw one driver dressed up for Halloween wearing a rainbow afro!” – Max J.

“I actually like seeing the drivers out of uniform. It feels friendlier, like catching a cab or an uber.” – Adrian L.

The initial phase of the transit strike isn’t cause for alarm, but students, staff, and faculty members who rely on transit for their daily commutes remain wary. If agreements aren’t reached soon, a full transit shut down is still a concern. According to a UBC report on daily transportation, 52% of all trips to and from the Vancouver campus are made by taking transit. While the busses run as scheduled for now, students are planning alternate ways to get to school.

“…if it’s a nice day, maybe I’ll throw some warm clothes and bike, but otherwise I’ll have to Evo or find someone to carpool with. Honestly though, I probably will end up skipping class on days where I just have one tutorial…it will just be too much of a headache to get all the way out there.” – Max J.

“I’m either going to walk forty minutes to campus, or catch a ride from my roommate…or I’ll have to sleep in the SRC dojo!” – Debra S.

“I actually don’t know what I’m going to do.” – Adrian L.

When the buses stop running, make sure you’re not left behind. Check out the following links for further information and to stay up to date on the Vancouver transit strike.

UBC has compiled a useful list of resources for students who might be stuck if strike action escalates.

And for the latest updates follow Translink’s Twitter account:

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