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CampusBase is our online platform for all things clubs related! Whether you’re a student looking for an AMS Club to join, or a club executive looking to book a room, you can find it all here!

How do I sign in?

Current fee paying Active AMS Members (UBC Students) can sign in using their UBC CWL. UBC Staff and external community members can sign in with their emails once they have filled in the CampusBase Access Form and have been approved.

Information for Incoming Students

We typically only update our member list once a year in September, so it is likely we don’t have your information yet. This means you will not be able to sign in with your UBC CWL until September when the academic year starts.

Sign in Issues?

If you’re a current UBC Student and is having issues signing in to CampusBase using your UBC CWL, please fill in the CampusBase Access Form.

Clubs Listing

Click the Groups tab on CampusBase to view all the registered clubs.