How To Submit an E-Transfer Form

  1. E-Transfer/EFT reimbursement forms and receipts must be emailed to by an authorized treasurer.
  2. Make sure that the form is COMPLETELY and CORRECTLY filled out with the account code(s), amount(s), e-transfer/EFT information, and requestor information.
  3. The treasurer is the requestor, and must sign off on each form.
  4. Please verify and include ALL receipts, proof of payment, and blank statement if the purchase was made on a credit card.
  5. Please ensure that you have enough funds in your account for the reimbursement.

Vendor Payments: If you are hoping to have a cheque mailed out to an organization or company, please include their full address. Download a Cheque Requisition Form

If you have previously submitted an in-person reimbursement for a member but they would like to have their reimbursement e-transferred instead, please email with the filled out E-Transfer form and receipts. Indicate that you would like to cancel the in-person reimbursement.

If the receipts are located in the AMS Cash Office with the original reimbursement submission, please indicate that on the email.

Finance FAQ for General Students

I have a purchase that I want reimbursed. How do I proceed?Please contact your treasurer, who will submit a reimbursement form for you. Please hold on to all receipts and proof of payment from your purchase.
How do I pick up or receive my reimbursements? How long does the reimbursement process take?Cash reimbursements submitted at the Office can be picked up in 2-3 business days. Cheque reimbursements submitted at the Office can be picked up in 3-5 business days. Digital reimbursements submitted via email will take up to 1-2 weeks of processing.
How do I apply for AMS Funds and Grants?You can find information about the AMS funds and grants, along with their applications, at!/tab/ams-funds/.
My club is holding an event and we require insurance. Where can I apply for it?You can find information around AMS Insurance in Section 2 of the AMS Finance Procedure Guide.
I have a contract that needs to be signed. How do I get it signed?All contracts must be signed by the AMS- as the AMS is the legally recognized entity. An electronic copy must be submitted to at least 3 weeks prior to the event. When submitting the contract, you need to submit it as a PDF Document saved as YourClub’sMainAccountCode_VendorName.pdf. For example: “123_PanPacificHotel”. The vendor name is the organization you are receiving the contract from. Payments cannot be processed until the contract has been signed by the AMS. For contract inquiries, please contact Nadia Sobouhi at or Joanne Pickford at

Finance FAQ for Treasurers

How can I be authorized as a treasurer?Treasurer authorization consists of two steps- completing the treasurer authorization forms, and attending a treasurer orientation. Submission of these forms, as well as obtaining information on when the next Treasurer Orientations are, please email the Clubs & Constituencies Financial Administrator at
How do I check my club’s account balance and account codes?Please contact the Clubs & Constituencies Financial Administrator at to obtain your account codes.
How do I find the AMS current finance procedure guide?You can find the AMS’s current financial procedure guide at, under Finance.
How do I submit reimbursements? What if I am not able to go to the Nest in-person?Authorized treasurers are able to submit reimbursements online or in-person at the office. Digital reimbursements can be submitted electronically to The submission must include the completed E-Transfer form, along with all applicable receipts/proof of payment. Credit card purchases must be accompanied with a bank statement. If the reimbursement was previously submitted in-person and the club member would like it e-transferred, please indicate that you would like to cancel their in-person reimbursement. If the receipts for the reimbursement are at the AMS Cash Office with the original reimbursement, please indicate this in your email as well. Please make sure that the form is filled out completely and correctly. The requestor is the Treasurer.
How do I apply for a credit card if I am a constituency?Please email the Financial Systems Coordinator at to find out how to obtain a constituency credit card.
When is the next Treasurer’s Authorization?Please email the Clubs & Constituencies Financial Administrator at for the latest information on orientations.
I currently have a reimbursement at the Nest that I did not pick up before. What do I do?The AMS Nest is currently open. Students can pick up their reimbursement in-person, or ask their authorized treasurer to request an e-transfer of the reimbursement. The authorized treasurer must send an email requesting for the cancellation of the in-person reimbursement, and attach the e-transfer form and receipts.
Do returning treasurers need to be authorized again?Yes, returning treasurers must be authorized every year through the same process.
Where can I find the reimbursement forms?Reimbursement forms can be found at the AMS Office.
What is a memorandum?A memorandum is a note signed by executives that legitimizes a charity donation, purchase made by the treasurer, or a transaction that has no proof of payment. If you have met any of these situations, three executives must sign the memorandum. The memorandum must then be attached to the reimbursement request.
I want to transfer money between my organization and another organization under the AMS. How do I do this?Please fill out a Journal Voucher, available at the AMS Office. Be sure to have the other organization’s account code, along with the appropriate receipts/proof of payment/approved meeting minutes to accompany the JV submission.
How do I change/add/delete my club’s account codes?Please contact Joan Yu at
How do I get a loan from the AMS?You can find information about AMS loans in Section 5 of the AMS Finance Procedure Guide.
How do I get a Square device from the AMS?You can find information about Square devices in Section 7 of the AMS Finance Procedure Guide.