If you fight for it. Go vote for it.

The polls are open for the 2023 AMS Elections.

It’s your chance to pick next year’s student leaders who will stand up for the issues you care about. Affordability, student debt, climate action, support for clubs – there are candidates focused on these issues and more. Find out where they stand and make your picks.

You’re also voting on four important referendum questions. Vote YES to:

Maintain Your Health & Dental Coverage

With increased usage for mental health ($1,250 for psychology coverage), dental, drugs, and vision, your AMS/GSS Health and Dental Plan is currently operating under a deficit of $52.50 per student. To maintain the coverage we currently offer, we need your support to approve a $52.50 increase to the health and dental plan. If this fee increase doesn’t pass, there will be significant cuts in coverage for mental health, drugs, and dental care.

Lifesaving access to gender-affirming healthcare

Help bring equitable healthcare to campus. By supporting an $8 fee, the Studentcare Plan will make urgently needed gender-affirming care accessible for UBC students. This coverage will profoundly uplift students’ lives and their wellbeing, relieving barriers, promoting health, and providing safety.

Affordable, sustainable and inclusive transportation

A healthy, happier and safer UBC community starts with you. Your support of a $3 The Bike Kitchen fee will allow it to continue providing students with affordable bike and wheelchair repair services, and create new programs for BIPOC and LGBTQ communities. Not to mention the reduced bus, traffic and parking congestion to/from UBC.

Improve AMS Council and create an Indigenous student Constituency

Support the formation of an Indigenous Constituency to provide a self-governing system of organization for Indigenous students on campus and an opportunity to pursue active reconciliation. We’re also asking you to support

  • Shrinking the size of AMS Council to reduce bureaucracy.
  • Better mechanisms for Executive accountability.
  • Ensuring stronger relationships between the AMS and Clubs and Constituencies.

Polls close Friday March 10 at 5PM. Get your vote in and take a role in shaping UBC into the university you want.

Hold UBC Accountable to Students

Nominations are now open for the 2023 AMS Elections. Run for a student leadership position and get paid, while keeping UBC accountable to students. AMS Executive, Senate (Faculty and At-Large), Board of Governors, Student Legal Fund Society, and Ubyssey Board of Directors are up for grabs. Nominations close in a few weeks so get your name in soon.

Deadlines and nomination forms are available on the AMS Elections Page.