Remembering Bev Teh

Remembering Bev Teh

It is with heavy heart we announce the passing of Bev Teh, a long-term team member at Blue Chip. Bev began working at Blue Chip in 1993 and over the years held several positions including Blue chip manager for multiple years. Students and staff will remember Bev as cheerful and friendly, and someone who would always brighten your day.

A memorial service will be held for Bev at 6:0PM, December 2, 2023 at the Granville Chapel, 5901 Granville Street in Vancouver. In lieu of flowers, the family is asking you to consider a donation to the St. Paul’s ICU in her memory.

Staff and friends share some of their memories of Bev:

Tery Tay

Bev was a gift for Blue Chip. She became friends with regulars. She became family to staffs. She saw the people around her as who they could become, as she had a knack for bringing out the best in people.

She mentored me to be a better manager from her years of experience, and patiently showed better ways to do things to all the new staff around her, as for many, working at Blue Chip was their first job. She was helpful, always staying later than usual to help out with another batch of sandwiches or making sure before she leaves that another batch of cookies were ready.

She kept things simple and did things wholeheartedly. She was humble, often suggesting ideas to me and insisting that they were mine, for she doesn’t need the credits anymore. She gave advice to many students and our personal lives, including heartbreaks. She was a maternal figure to those who opened up to her. She cared for the people around her by making sure we were fed, as she would bake and share her meals, and that we were wiser and ready for life, and that we weren’t alone, for she always showed her love to us.


Bev was the kind of person who really stood out. Some saw her as this strong general you just had to listen to, while others thought of her as the bossy lady in charge at Blue Chip. But for the lucky ones, like me, she was like home. 

She was the most caring and selfless person I’ve ever known. I saw her taking care of us from behind, never wanting to take the spotlight for her good actions, just genuinely caring about our well-being. Whether it was saving the best bread ends, sharing her secret blue chip tips and recipes, or praying for me for exams and presentations, she was there.

She cared, listened, and shared everything—from her love and food to her time and example. Bev was a beautiful kind of love that didn’t come with questions or expectations; it just was.

And that’s something I’ll always be thankful for. So, thank you, Bev, for spreading your kindness to all of us lucky enough to cross paths with you.

Cathy Dryden

Bev a I started working together somewhere in 1989, when AMS use to be on the old Sub. We use to work in the back of the hallway by old Pit making sandwiches for pendulum restaurant. We also did catering together.

In 1991 Bev got promoted as Asst Manager and moved to blue chip and in couple years she was the manager. I went back to the Gallery restaurant. We didn’t really work directly together after that.

Bev was always like a mother figure to everyone. She always use to take care of the staff. Whenever she made soup at home and had extra, she use to bring it to work for all of us.

She use to volunteer for soup kitchen downtown making meals for homeless people. Also once in a week she use to support Kits house. She went to church every Sunday and use to volunteer there as well, cooking and doing outreach work.

I clearly remember that one of my staff was going on a trip and she didn’t have a car and she had to be in the airport by 5:30.  Even though she was not Bev’s staff, she still offered to help. Bev got up early, picked this girl up at 4:30 in the morning and dropped her to the airport on time.

I also remember that Carol, Bev and I were very good friends. We use to almost always have lunch together. One day Carol was leaning back on the chair and swinging a bit… Carol fell down backward.

Instead of helping her up, we started laughing and we were laughing so hard that carol also started laughing… she was not hurt.. but we laughed so hard….

Bev was a very genuine person, very friendly and got along with everyone. She was caring and very helpful, in and out of work.

Kathryn Thomson and Tom Coleman

Bev touched the lives of 1000’s of students that she hired to work at Blue Chip, and probably had a long lasting positive influence on lot of those students whose first job was at Blue Chip.

She was kind, considerate, respectful, patient and very hard working, committed to doing her best for the AMS and consequently the student body. She was a quiet achiever and a great mentor who everyone respected and held in high regard. I know she really loved working with the students

In her early years at Blue Chip she was baker and manager. She steered Blue Chip from a small counter in the Old Sub to hitting a million dollars in revenue the year that I joined.

I know she was a dedicated volunteer at her church and often cooked for 100’s of people in her church role.  

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