Students help raise $3200 for the food bank

By Iciar Fernandez

THANK YOU UBC! With your generous support during the AMS Food Bank Holiday Appeal we raised approximately $3200 that will go directly to stock the Food Bank shelves.

The holiday appeal encouraged students purchasing food at an AMS outlet to add $1 to their meal as a donation to this invaluable emergency food relief service. “AMS food outlets were more than happy to support this campaign,” says Daniel Coculescu, Sr. Manager of AMS Food & Beverage. “The outlet managers and staff really stepped up and promoted the program to students.”

The money raised will be put to use immediately buying much needed items. “We do bi-weekly shops and provide things like pasta, meat, produce and hygiene supplies like pads, tampons and diapers”, explains Ian Stone, AMS Student Services Manager. “We also offer healthier and sustainable options and work in partnership with other organizations like UBC Farmer’s Market to bring in seasonal products.”

AMS Food Bank Shelves

Holidays are no time to go hungry, and thankfully it doesn’t seem like they will be. “Students are more perceptive of the issues of food insecurity on campus. A huge shout-out to all of you who have donated for your generosity.”

Food Insecurity is a Real Thing!

With an estimated 2 in 5 post-secondary students in Canada suffering from some degree of food insecurity, you may be closer than you think to someone going hungry because they can’t afford food.

What’s more, food insecurity doesn’t always take the form of severe hunger – in fact, it’s much more than that. Food insecurity also means being left with unhealthy food choices due to the inability to afford better options, and it is not necessarily a static state; many people are affected temporarily, and often unexpectedly. As a result it can happen to anyone.

If you or someone you know needs help, the AMS Food Bank is here for you. You can visit us Monday 10a-4p and Thursday 10a-6p on the basement level of the Life Building, or get in touch via email: We also accept donations anytime at

As always: Give when you can, take when you need.