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Experience entrepreneurship and discover your true potential with AMS eHub; getting you from step one to the finish line.

At the AMS, we want to equip you with the skills you need to find solutions to real-world problems and help make a difference in your community. We want you to be driven towards the possibility of something bigger! A BIG idea, BIG ambitions, solve BIG world problems or believe in something BIGGER than yourself. 

So if you have a transformative idea and are ready to build a venture or you’re just looking to explore the entrepreneurship space, we’re here to help you from step one to the finish line. With AMS eHub, you get the opportunity to get out of the classroom and learn by doing, regardless of what faculty you’re from. 

Resource Chats

If you’re a non-commerce student it is hard to know what resources are out there for you – we want to change that. Set up a chat with us and we will give you the low-down on what courses, clubs, and programs are available to you. Send us an email to get started!

Individual Incubation

Starting a venture is hard, especially as a student. In an effort to address that, AMS eHub now offers individual incubation where one of our peer instructors will walk you through the entrepreneurial process on your time and at your speed!

Our curriculum will walk you through:

  • Idea Validation
  • Customer Discovery
  • Market Sizing
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Pitching

Our goal is to take widely used tools to help you validate your idea. If you’ve been sitting on an idea, we want to help you take action the right way.

Open office hours are every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00 pm-3:00 pm in NEST 2523.

If these times don’t work out for you, please email us at and we will find a time that works. 

Early Stage Incubator

This 5-week program that takes you through validation tools to help you launch your venture.

In this program you will do, not just sit there and learn theory. We encourage you to be ready to talk to your potential customers, meet people in your industry, and help others in the program by sharing your perspective.

Dates of program TBD. Please check back for an update!

RBC Get Seeded

AMS eHub and RBC have partnered together to support student innovation. Undergraduate and graduate students alike will have a chance to pitch their idea to receive $500 in funding. Voted on by an audience made up of the UBC community, 15 teams will pitch for a chance to be one of the 8 teams to win the seed money.

Next event date TBD. Please check back for an update!