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The AMS Student-Run Incubator. AMS eHub invests in student ideas on campus. Have an idea? Get started with eHub.

Volunteer with eHub and help students get their ideas out of their heads and into action.
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Welcome to the AMS of UBC’s

student-run incubator.

The AMS eHub is here to invest in students. We invest in your ideas. We invest in the possibility of something bigger, something better – and it all starts with investing in you.

We’re here to support you. We’ll connect you to all of the places, faces, and spaces that the university (& beyond) has to offer.

Interested in entrepreneurship?

Wanting to start a venture?

Looking to find campus resources?

Learn how to start.

What do you think of when you hear the word “entrepreneurship”? What does it look like at UBC?

Learn how to navigate the entrepreneurial ecosystem of UBC.

Who are you?


You may not have an idea just yet, but you are interested in learning more about the entrepreneurial space.

eProjects is an AMS and CUS affiliated club that offers workshops and events to educate and expand the entrepreneurial community on campus.

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You have an idea but you don’t know where to start. You want to invest in your idea and invest in yourself. You’d like to learn more about the resources available to you.

eHub is a student-run incubator and AMS Service that offers free entrepreneurial courses, resource directories, student entrepreneur advisory sessions, and mentorship.


You have an idea and it’s ready to scale. You’ve created a prototype and are ready to commercialize your venture.

entrepreneurship@UBC is UBC’s accelerator and incubator, offering intensive programs to see UBC ventures succeed.

Do you have an idea that’s been racking around in your brain for some time? Are your friends or parents saying “that’s pretty cool” and you end up at the same place with no help? This is exactly what the AMS Entrepreneurship Hub is here to help with!

Think. Connect. Do.

The eHub incubator provides multiple avenues to invest in your idea. Our life-cycle approach offers robust learning materials and engagement, customized to every student.

Begin at any time.

Progress at your own pace.

Commit and invest as much as you’d like.

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eHub - Phase 1

eHub Crash is a free Canvas Course that provides the basics on key five themes: Ideation, Market Research & Sizing, Business Model Validation, Minimum Viable Product, and Narrative & Network.

This course is self-led, allowing you to take as little or as much time throughout the process as you’d like. Throughout the course, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with advisors to both validate and continue ideation of your concept, catalyzing your time-to-scale.

eHub - Phase 2

eHub Mentor provides mentorship from upper-year, student-entrepreneurs. Connect and brainstorm with senior students who have been in your position before. They’ve already navigated UBC’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, scaled their ideas, failed a few times on the way – and have lessons to share with you.

You can book an appointment with an eHub Mentor at any time by visiting the link below. eHub Mentor sessions are also integrated within the eHub Crash course.

eHub - Phase 3

eHub is here to fund your first failure. eHub Seed provides $200 Seed Funding, as a one-time non-equity grant. Once you’ve completed the eHub Incubator (Phase 1 & 2), you’ll have the opportunity to apply for eHub Seed funding. 

We’re not just here to invest in ideas on campus, we’re here to invest in the students! If you’ve done the due diligence throughout the incubator program, you’ll have a high chance of eligibility for eHub Seed. Seed your idea, apply today.

AMS eHub and RBC have partnered together to support student innovation with UBC’s biggest student entrepreneurship event, RBC Get Seeded.

Undergraduate and graduate students alike will have a chance to pitch their idea to receive $500 in funding. Voted on by an audience made up of the UBC community, 15 teams will pitch for a chance to be one of the 8 teams to win the seed money.

Next event date: March 25th 2021, 5PM – 7PM, on zoom. 

eHub - RBC Get Seeded Heading

Have an idea at any stage, whether you just thought of it and want to see where it goes, or you’re ready to start prototyping. All you have to do is create a 90 second pitch about your idea and apply!

Be selected as 1 of 15 teams to pitch at the event. You’ll have the opportunity to pitch your idea in front of an engaged audience for a chance to Get Seeded!

If the audience votes you as one of the top 8 business ideas, you will receive $500 to support your venture.

Still have a question? Want to get involved? Contact us.

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