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Experience entrepreneurship and discover your true potential with AMS eHub; getting you from step one to the finish line.


APPOINTMENTS: AMS Entrepreneurship Hub is resuming 1-on-1 support and appointments online via Zoom. Email for details and follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.
RBC GET SEEDED: This year, the RBC Get Seeded pitch competition is being held online. Apply here by November 16th for a chance to win $500, and learn more or RSVP here – attendees can win their choice of an Apple Watch or AirPods!

Experience the first step of entrepreneurship with AMS eHub; finally providing an answer to the question “I have an idea but I don’t know where to start?”

At the AMS, we want to equip you with the skills you need to find solutions to real-world problems and help make a difference in your community. We want you to be driven towards the possibility of something bigger! Not knowing where to start should not be the barrier that stops you from solving the problems that are out there.

So, if you have a transformative idea and are ready to build a venture or you’re just looking to explore the entrepreneurship space, we’re here to help you get started!

Check out the sections below. There are different stages that people fall under when it comes to entrepreneurship, and we want to provide vetted resources and tools to help you along the way, the right way.

What Is Entrepreneurship?

What do you think of when you hear the word “entrepreneurship”? What does it look like at UBC?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, the best place to start is to utilize the fantastic clubs and courses that are offered on campus!

UBC eProjects – eProjects is a student entrepreneurship organization whose goal is to assist young entrepreneurs in building successful businesses. We educate students through workshops, seminars, and speaker series held by experienced industry professionals. We connect young entrepreneurs to each other through networking events and idea generation. Lastly, we fund student projects through in-house investments and connect students to angels and venture capital funding.

UBC Social Enterprise Club  – At SEC we’re passionate about a field which combines altruism with entrepreneurship to propose innovative business solutions to social problems.

COMM280: Entrepreneurship – Open to all faculties, in this course you will learn entrepreneurial essentials from creating viable opportunities through building a founding team, strategic planning, going to market, fleshing out an organization and planning the future of the business. Check the SSC to find offered times for this year!

I Have an Idea, But…

Do you have an idea that’s been racking around in your brain for some time? Are your friends or parents saying “that’s pretty cool” and you end up at the same place with no help?

This is exactly where the AMS Entrepreneurship Hub is here to help with!


Set up a time to chat with an eHub peer coach where we will listen to your idea and lay out the best resources to help you get past this stage. To build a business from the ground up seems daunting, and the AMS wants to help you start the right way, so set an appointment up to:

  • Get access to incubation curriculum from one of the top incubators in Vancouver, entrepreneurship@UBC. Topics focused on idea validation, customer discovery, market sizing, and minimum viable products.
  • Have a peer guide you through the tools and resources you have access to, in order to finally get your idea off the ground.
  • Keep coming back to check your work with the curriculum and we will help provide insights that will help you get over the bumps along the way

To set up an appointment email!

Office Hours:

Need a space to hash out ideas with your team? Need a space to ask questions about your idea and how to move forward?

Come to room 2528 in the AMS Student Nest from 10AM-1PM, TUES-THURS to have a space to talk about your idea.

  • We will go over the curriculum as needed
  • Answer questions about how to move forward
  • Mock pitches and feedback
  • A coworking space at a central hub on campus to keep the grind going
RBC Get Seeded:

AMS eHub and RBC have partnered together to support student innovation. Undergraduate and graduate students alike will have a chance to pitch their idea to receive $500 in funding. Voted on by an audience made up of the UBC community, 15 teams will pitch for a chance to be one of the 8 teams to win the seed money.

Next event date: November 26th at 6PM, held via Zoom.

  1. Apply – Have an idea at any stage, whether you just thought of it and want to see where it goes, or your ready to start prototyping. All you have to do is create a 90 second pitch about your idea and apply here by November 16!
  2. Pitch – Be selected as 1 of 15 teams to pitch at the event to be held on November 26th, at 6PM on Zoom.
  3. Get Seeded – If the audience votes you as one of the top 8 business ideas, you will receive $500 to support your venture.

Don’t have an idea, but want to come support what UBC students are doing? Or want a chance to win your choice of AirPods or an Apple Watch? Learn more and RSVP here to register as a voting audience member! Help choose the top 8 that receives the $500 to support their venture – see you there!

I feel like my idea is solid, now what?

Market Research:

Conducting market research is a vital stage in building out the feasibility of your idea. It is important to understand the context that your product or service will operate in. But, how do you event start conducting market research?

The Small Business Accelerator Program – The Small Business Accelerator offers free online access to reliable business information and tools for secondary market research for BC businesses and entrepreneurs. This initiative is led by UBC Library’s Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.

The SBA Program has developed a series of video tutorials to guide you in learning how to conduct market research.

Funding and Financing:

Financing is always regarded as the most necessary component to building out a business. However, this should only be a thought after you’ve successfully validated your idea. A good checkpoint to use is the Evaluation Criteria for Small Business, that Small Business BC has put together.

Wondering how to answer the questions on the evaluation criteria check Stage 2 and email us at!

If you are ready to get funding, and/or you’ve already pitched at RBC Get Seeded, check out the UBC Small Business Accelerator’s list on financing your business idea.

Continuing Resources:

Centre for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) – The Collaboratory aims to cultivate a community engaged university by convening community and university stakeholders on multiple issues of pressing concern.

It complements service learning models by providing opportunities for passionate and self-motivated UBC students, faculty, and staff, and community partners to take a deep dive into the causes, effects and manifestations of social and environmental problems and to surface and implement solutions. The Collaboratory believes in and leverages the strength, wisdom, and creativity of collectives to explore new ways of making progress on complex social challenges.

Innovation Onboard  – Innovation OnBoard is the premier start-up competition at UBC supported by entrepreneurship@UBC. We bring together industry experts in Health and Energy/Environment sectors and collect real-world challenges faced by companies and organizations in British Columbia. We then match student participants with industry experts and allow them to choose problems of interest. Simultaneously, we invite students to attend bi-weekly workshops on entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and pitching. The program ends in a Dragons’ Den-style competition where ventures compete for cash prizes and exclusive spots at accelerators.

e@UBC– entrepreneurship@UBC offers three incubator programs (life science, core technology and social impact) that provide support tailored to the specific needs of your venture. Intake occurs 2 to 3 times per year (depending on the program) but can start supporting your journey well before you even apply.

If you want to learn more about how we can help, connect with them and set up a time to chat. Or if you simply want to stay in the loop, join their newsletter to hear about upcoming events, workshops, info sessions, venture news and more.

HATCH – entrepreneurship@UBC’s HATCH Accelerator Program provides you and your team the support, space and expertise to take your world-changing innovation to the next level.

The accelerator is for ventures who have completed the entrepreneurship@UBC Incubator Program and been invited to continue their venture-building journey with entrepreneurship@UBC by joining the HATCH Accelerator.

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