Monday March 6 – March 10th @ 5pm VOTE HERE!

Learn more about the Candidates HERE and learn more about the referendums HERE!

About the Elections Committee:

The Elections Committee is the independent and impartial committee responsible for conducting AMS -UBC elections and referenda. We report directly to the AMS Council.

Timeline for the 2017 Elections:

Nominations Open – January 2, 2017
Nominations Close – 2PM February 17, 2017
All Candidates Meeting – 5PM February 17, 2017
Campaigning Begins – February 27, 2017
Voter Media Registration Deadline – 5PM March 1, 2017
Voting Opens – March 6, 2017
Voting Closes/Results – March 10, 2017

What positions are up for election?

Five AMS Executive Positions (President, VP External, VP Finance, VP Academic, VP Admin)
Five student-at-large positions on the UBC Senate
Two student-at-large positions on the UBC Board of Governors

Contact us or visit us at:

Email: elections@ams.ubc.ca
Phone: 604-827-4520
Office: Nest 3304

Elections Social Media:

Reddit: /u/AMS-Elections-Admin
Facebook: facebook.com/ubcamselections


Information on how to register for the Votermedia contest will be released soon.

Elections Handbook:

The 2017 AMS Elections Handbook will be available as soon as it is completed and ratified by the elections committee.

Elections and Referenda Information:
Note: This information will be updated throughout the weeks and months leading up to the elections.