2018 Candidates

The following are the list of candidates for the 2018 AMS Elections:

Marium Hamid, Andy Lin and Rodney Little Mustache

VP External:
Mishal Tahir, Cristina Ilnitchi and Gopi Krishna Suresh Babu

VP Finance:
Linda Huang, Adam Forsgren and Kuol Akuechbeny

VP Academic and University Affairs:
Max Holmes

VP Administration:
Chris Hakim and Aaron Verones

Jeanie Malone, Matthias Leuprecht, Max Holmes, Koul Akuechbeny, Cristina Ilnitchi, Jakob Gattinger, Hannah Xiao, and Marium Hamid

Board of Governors: Jeanie Malone and Jakob Gattinger


Stay tuned for their bios and platforms!