AMS Referendums

The following Referendum will be held from March 27th to March 31st.

Boycott Divest Sanction (Submitted by Petition)

The Question:

Do you support your student union (AMS) in boycotting products and divesting from companies that support Israeli war crimes, illegal occupation and the oppression of Palestinians?

Past Referendums:

Athletic Space

A new fitness building for students paid half by students and half by UBC. No fees will be charged until the commencement of construction (estimated 2019).

The Question:

Do you support the AMS establishing a graduated fee (“The Fee”) to contribute to the construction of a student fitness and recreation building at UBC Vancouver?

The Fee will not be levied until an agreement between the AMS and the University has been reached including but not limited to the terms of the financial contribution of the University, and construction has started.

  • The amount of The Fee will begin at a rate of $5. It will increase to $10 the year following, and will continue to increase by $5 per academic year up to a maximum of $25.
  • The Fee would be levied on all UBC Vancouver students on an annual basis.
  • The Fee would continue to be levied until the AMS has completed all its financing obligations for the student fitness and recreation building.
  • The AMS Council will establish a process for active AMS members demonstrating need to apply for a refund of The Fee.
  • The Fee will finance a maximum of $22.5M dollars towards project costs. The AMS’ goal is to use the momentum generated by the referendum to negotiate with the University to secure as many funds from UBC as possible to finance the remainder of project costs.

Art Sale

The AMS Hatch Art Gallery owns and maintains a $4 Million art collection. Currently, this art is displayed for a period of two weeks at a time, twice per year.

The Question:
Do you authorize the AMS to sell up to four pieces of art from the AMS Permanent Collection?

Note: Proceeds from sale will go directly into the AMS endowment and the interest generated from the balance of the endowment that is attributed to the sale of the AMS Permanent collection which will create a sustainable source of funding for programming and initiatives through the Hatch Art Gallery. The 72 piece collection is currently valued at approximately $4 million.”

AMS Bylaw Changes

The Question:
Do you support and approve amending the AMS Bylaws in accordance with the changes presented in the document entitled Bylaws Amendment Package 2017?

Bylaws Amendment Package 2017

Summary of the Bylaw Changes:


A.i) Changes to the structure of council will be as follows:
Changing threshold of number of students per seat on council from 1,500 to 3000
Removing voting power of Senate and Board of Governor seats
A requirement of 1% of UBC student population or ⅔ vote of council for new schools/degree programs to have a new seat on council

A.ii) Changes to Managing Director
This change reflects a change in title and added responsibility of overseeing the entirety of the AMS instead of only business operations.

These changes reflect update in name and responsibility of the Student Administrative Commission (Becomes Operations Committee) and the Budget Committee renamed to Finance Committee.

Do you support and approve amending the AMS Bylaws in accordance with the changes presented in the document entitled Bylaw Amendments: Bylaw Changes Investment Policy?

  • Current AMS investment policy is restricted to government bonds.
  • These changes will result in more flexible investing under the direction of a hired finance consultant, the AMS Managing Director and AMS VP Finance


UPS Bylaw Changes

The Question:
Do you support and approve the adoption of the Bylaw revisions outlined in the documents “UPS Bylaws Housekeeping and Societies Act Compliance Revisions”, these revisions to take effect retroactively on November 28, 2016?

Note: If this referendum is not approved, there will be multiple consequences due to the new Societies Act, including barring anyone under the age of 18 from serving on the Board of The Ubyssey Publications Society.

UPS Bylaws Housekeeping and Societies Act Compliance Revisions