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About Us

Established in 1999, the AMS Advocacy Office provides confidential support to undergraduate and graduate students at UBC Vancouver who are in a dispute, bureaucratic challenge, or appeal process with the University or their landlord. Staffed by UBC law students, we are a fully pro-student service and always on your side.

How We Can Help

We offer a space to discuss the situation, information about relevant policies, discussion of potential strategy, feedback on written submissions, accompaniment to hearings, and referrals to campus resources. Please note we do not provide legal advice.

Common Cases

In general, we can assist with any issue that involves the University or your landlord. For immediate information, please see our Academic Issues or Housing Issues page.

  • Academic Misconduct: cheating, plagiarism, and falsifying information. We also assist students referred to the Integrity Plan process or President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline.
  • Academic Standing: formal regrade requests, failed standing, and disputes regarding promotion and continuation requirements. We also assist students who are appealing a decision to the UBC Senate Committee on Appeals on Academic Standing.
  • Other Academic Disputes: decisions made by academic advising, Enrolment Services, or another academic unit.
  • UBC Student Housing: roommate and sublet issues, residence standards penalties, and disputes regarding the Residence Contract.
  • Off-Campus Tenancy: disputes with a landlord, eviction notices, security deposits, and lease conditions in violation of the Residential Tenancy Act.
  • Accessibility: improper accommodations through the Centre for Accessibility, denied academic concessions, and discrimination complaints.
  • UBC Parking and Library: traffic notices, parking waitlist, library fines, and suspension of borrowing privileges.
  • Non-Academic Misconduct: discrimination, harassment, and theft of university property. We also assist students referred to the Non-Academic Misconduct Committee.

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