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We're all about bringing you the freshest food and giving you biggest menu choice! We own and operate nine food and beverage outlets, that serve everything from sushi to tacos to our famous chicken po'boys. The menus might be different but the mission is the same, with each food outlet funneling a portion of contributions straight back into AMS Student Services. The Nest is also home to three non-AMS food outlets to make sure there's a place for every tastebud!

ams owned and operated

As AMS food outlets, our profits go back to students in the form of clubs, services, programs, and a better UBC experience.

Our Delicious Partner Outlets

*Please note, the AMS does not have allergen-free facilities. We cannot guarantee that food prepared and served on-site has not become cross-contaminated with allergens, and we do not assume any liability for adverse reactions. The common allergens identified on our menu and labels are based on ingredients listed in the recipe and may change due to component or supplier substitutions.