Advocacy Committee

Advocacy Committeee

Advocacy Committee

Current Members (Summer 2024)

Chair: Drédyn Fontana, VP Academic & University Affairs

  • Ayesha Irfan (VP External)
  • Gavin Fung (Councillor)
  • Charles Ding (Councillor)
  • Ryan Chiu (Councillor)
  • Ash Dennis (Councillor)
  • Kaitlin Law (Councillor)
  • Mayank Gupta (Student at Large)
  • Joshua Himmens (Student at Large)

Terms of Reference

The Advocacy Committee shall be composed of:

  • the Vice-President Academic and University Affairs;
  • the Vice-President External Affairs;
  • five (5) non-Executive Council members; and
  • two (2) Students at Large.

The Advocacy Committee shall:

  • advise the Vice-President Academic and University Affairs and the Vice-President External Affairs on advocacy to the University, the various levels of government, and other external organizations on behalf of the Society’s Active Members;
  • provide advice on the Academic Experience Survey;
  • propose annual goals for itself to the Agenda Committee and be responsible for completing those goals; and
  • have such other duties as are outlined in the Bylaws or the Code or assigned by Council from time to time.

Meeting Times

The meeting times will be updated soon.


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