Equity Projects

Equity Projects

Equity Projects

Educate and Activate campaign – Vice President of Academic Affairs

Educate & Activate is a campaign set to provide student-led, powerful, and educative discussions centered around anti-racism, the perpetuation of direct and indirect racism, and how to stand up for others in public and private spaces. Three public workshops relating to anti-racism released at three time points in the academic year. The topics will relay pertinent information to the student body, such as: how to recognize and stay away from racial microaggressions, how to break internal biases to be an efficient leader, and bystander intervention in terms of racism. These workshops will be presented by individuals in the BIPOC student community to ensure optimal allyship. With consultations across the UBCV campus, from EIO to the UBC Ombudsperson’s office, student leaders from UBC BSU and UBC AAI will be connecting with you on how to better educate yourselves and activate others.

For more information please contact: ​avpuniversity@ams.ubc.ca

Race Based Grants Pilot Project – Vice President External Affairs

Last year the AMS began working on advocacy towards the establishment of equity-based grants. These grants would be designed to support low-to-middle income students who lack funding to pursue a post-secondary education as a result of financial hardship. These grants would follow the same low-to-middle income requirement that needs-based grants follow. This year, the AMS will be expanding its advocacy strategy on equity-based grants by way of two parts: first, advocating for the collection of race-based data on a provincial and federal level and second, working with the SEEDS Sustainability Initiative to commission our own research into financial and health inequities that marginalized students face. Currently, the AMS and SEEDS are looking for student researchers to investigate the systemic inequities that marginalized students face in a provincial context.

For more information please contact: ​avpexternal@ams.ubc.ca


The QTBIPOC Community Care Circle is a peer support group for those who self-identify as Queer/Trans/Two-Spirit and also as Black/Indigenous/Person of Colour, who has experienced sexualized violence on the basis of sex, sexuality, gender identity, or expression. During the spring term the group will meet over zoom on a drop in basis weekly on tuesday afternoons from 4:30-6PM, starting January 26th for 8 weeks. This group will be facilitated by a guest facilitator, Nazanin Moghadami. The QTBIPOC group, is intended to create and sustain a safer environment for QTBIPOC students to discuss issues relating to sexualized violence. While we aim to shape the group to the specific folx participating, you can expect to explore topics such as community, establishing safety, boundaries and how they relate to the feeling of safety and healthy relationships. We’ll also explore reclaiming pride and solidarity tools. Overall, there will be an emphasis on self care, connect and community.

For more information please contact: sasc@ams.ubc.ca

AMS Anti-Racism PILOT Canvas Course – AMS President

The AMS Anti-Racism canvas modules are currently being created by a collective of AMS student staff to assist the student body in developing tools for ally-ship. The modules, including Bystander Intervention and Microaggressions will involve a comprehensive explanation of modern day formations racism that can exist within our UBC community as well as tangible actions which we may use to subvert explicit and inexplicit forms of racism that may manifest in our everyday life. This canvas course will be a pilot project for future equity related personal development modules in the future provided by the AMS for all students.

For more information please contact: equity@ams.ubc.ca