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AMS Employee Carpool Program

AMS Employee Carpool Program

AMS Employee Carpool Program

The AMS and UBC have partnered with Liftango to start a new employee carpooling program. Aside from the obvious environment benefits of carpooling:

  • Carpooling is an easy way to save money on gas, maintenance and parking
  • Carpooling reduces your environmental impact and traffic congestion
  • It reduce the daily stress of commuting to/from work
  • You’ll get to work and home faster by getting access to HOV lanes

As if those benefits weren’t good enough drivers using Liftango can earn a $2 HONK parking credit per daily trip – available to anyone with a UBC or AMS e-mail address.

What is Liftango?

Liftango, a leader in on-demand share mobility technology, to provide commuters with a free, easy to use carpool network made up exclusively of students, staff and faculty.

To get started, download the app on the App Store or Google Play and refer to the sections below.

Getting Started with Liftango

  1. Download the Liftango and Honk apps that are available for free from the App Store and Play Store. Register with your AMS affiliated address in both apps to ensure your profiles can be matched. This will enable you to receive Honk parking credits when you drive others to / from campus using Liftango. If you don’t plan on driving and only want to be a carpool rider, you’ll only need the Liftango app.
  1. In the Liftango app, load a picture of yourself in your profile to let your fellow carpoolers know who to look for. This is a required field and is easy to do in the app.
  1. To express an interest in a carpool, open the Liftango app and on the bottom of the screen click Driver or Rider depending on whether you plan to be a driver of a carpool or be a rider in one.
  1. Enter information about where you are heading to and where you are coming from, along with date and time information.
  1. Once your trip details have been entered, you will be matched with another carpooler if there is a ride available. You’ll be notified with information about who you’ve been matched with and passengers will be able to see the driver’s location in the app to know when to be ready at the pick-up point.
  1. Drivers, be sure to Start and End Trip in the app so that the app can confirm a carpool trip was completed. This is especially important for drivers who want to receive the $2/day HONK parking credit.
  1. Drivers will be rewarded with parking credits equivalent to the number of completed trips at the middle and end of each month. Check your Account in the Honk app to see your available credit balance by going to: Account > Promo Codes and the reward will be listed as “Liftango Rewards”.

    The next time you pay for parking in any Honk managed lot, your credit will be automatically applied. For example, let’s say you want to park at a meter on campus and your amount due is $8.00. If you’ve carpooled using the Liftango app and have a stored credit of $6.00 in your Honk account, you would only need to pay $2.00 after the credit is applied.

Set Up Your Own Carpool (Optional)

If you would instead like to set up a carpool with coworkers or with other students in your class, below you’ll find a few resources and tips to help you out. 

  1. Download the sample carpool sign-up template document for people to fill in. Once complete, people will be able to identify matches based on the information people provide.
  1. Print out a regional map and put it up in your workplace and ask people who are interested in carpooling to place sticky notes where they live (approximately to avoid privacy concerns) and their contact information. Carpoolers can then self-organize with others who live in their area. Sample downloadable maps: Metro Vancouver | Vancouver.
  2. Compensation is going to be different for everyone, but a minimum suggestion is a toonie each way, which could go a long way for a driver with a full car.

For more information, FAQ, and downloadable maps, please check UBC Campus and Community Planning’s website page. For any questions, please contact