Summer 2024 Transit Subsidy

Summer 2024 Transit Subsidy Form

Summer 2024 Transit Subsidy

The AMS External Affairs Office offers hardship subsidies to students who are experiencing genuine financial hardship. 

If you’re working over the summer but not enrolled in any courses or enrolled in online courses during the summer(for which you have not been charged U-pass fees), the student U-Pass BC rates ($46/month) aren’t available to you. For some students, a regular Transit Pass is just too expensive ($104.90-$189.45), so the AMS is helping out. If a regular transit pass negatively impacts your finances, you might qualify for a Summer Transit subsidy. 

If purchasing a regular transit pass strains your finances, you may qualify for a Summer Transit subsidy. Under this subsidy program, the AMS will cover nearly 30% of your transit pass cost, with a maximum monthly subsidy amount of $55. For example, if you purchase a 3-zone pass for four months, the AMS will provide you with $220 over the four months. Similarly, individuals purchasing Zone 1 and Zone 2 passes will receive $30.50 and $40.50 per month, respectively. This initiative aims to alleviate financial burdens and ensure students have access to essential transportation services during the summer months.

To be eligible for this subsidy, you must fulfill ALL the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 1 academic term of courses remaining after the Summer 2024 term
  • Are enrolled in online classes that are not eligible for U-Pass or are not taking summer courses.
  • Submit proof of financial hardship through loan statements and/or grant/need-based scholarships.
  • Submit proof of purchasing a monthly transit pass.
  • Submit proof of work through a contract and/or official work schedule.
  • Submit proof of address within the Metro Vancouver area in the Summer 2024 term. 

You must apply on a monthly basis ahead of every month you are eligible for the subsidy:

  • Application dates for each month will be from the 3rd of the Month until the 14th of the Month. 

Terms and Conditions :

  • Once the final application deadline passes, the AMS External Office will review all applications and rank each one according to the greatest financial need and those who have successfully met all the eligibility criteria.
  • Please note that we cannot help you with your personal questions about the type of document to upload to be accepted as proof in our email. We can only approve your application once we receive it through the portal.
  • As funding for these subsidies is limited, your ability to provide all the documents does not guarantee a subsidy.
  • Please note that due to overwhelming responses, the processing time of these applications will take longer than usual. Your patience is greatly appreciated. Please expect at least 14-21 business days after the application deadline to hear from our office.

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