Resource Groups

Resource Groups

Resource Groups

Got an issue you’re passionate about? Explore the AMS Resource Groups, a collection of advocacy groups raising awareness and lobbying for change on social issues.

The Pride Collective at UBC

The Pride Collective is a community-first student-run resource group for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community at UBC Vancouver. They are a non-hierarchical collective of students committed to making UBC a more welcoming and inclusive space for all. They provide:

  • a safe community space
  • weekly discussion groups
  • various on-campus events
  • free gender-affirming clothing and gear
  • a hungry hamper
  • resources for queer students, faculty, and community members


Current Constitution: Pride Collective Constitution 2024

Instagram: @prideubc


Disabilities United Collective (DUC)

Disabilities United Collective creates a safe and supportive community for disabled students on UBC campus.

They are an advocacy and support resource group for disabled students at UBC. Their aim is to increase accessibility on campus and provide a safe and empowering space for neurodivergent and physically disabled students. They achieve this by providing financial, emotional, and practical support.


Current Constitution: DUC Constitution 2023


Instagram: @ubcduc

The UBC Social Justice Centre aims to serve any and all students interested in finding progressive solutions to societal and global injustice.


Current Constitution: SJC Constitution 2018

Instagram: @ubcsocialjusticecentre

Twitter: @SJC_UBC

The Student Environment Centre (SEC) is a resource group mandated by the University of British Columbia Alma Mater Society (UBC AMS) to provide environmental and sustainability resources for the UBC community. We are actively involved in organizing, promoting, and supporting various initiatives that critically examine the interactions between humans and the environment.


Current Constitution: SEC Constitution

Instagram: @secubc

The Women’s Centre is a resource group of the Alma Mater Society at UBC. This student run organization has existed for over 40 years to support anybody that has faced gender-based oppression, and has experienced, will experience, or is experiencing womanhood.


Current Constitution: Women’s Centre Constitution 2023

Instagram: @ubcwomenscentre