Pre-Exam Routines

Pre-Exam Routines

Our 2023-2024 AMS Tutors talk about their favourite study spots and pre-exam routines.


Study spot: Koerner Library
Pre-exam routine: Watching the exam scene from Spies Like Us
Study music: Concerto for Group and Orchestra

Most common problem: distribution and probability
How to help solve this problem: Have student walk them through the problem to understand where exactly they are struggling, help guide them through problem without direct instruction so they can solve themselves.

Top 3 study tips: Read questions carefully, sleep, try to compartmentalize problem


Favourite study spot: Koerner library floor 1 (very quiet + lots of seats)

Part of my pre-exam routine: A fun little thing I like doing before any exam is restocking my pencil case and getting all of my stationery items ready the night before (pens, pencils and tons of other stuff i probably won’t need). Another thing that’s important to me is making sure that i get enough sleep the night before!

Current favourite study song: Dancing Queen by ABBA


Favourite study spot: Law Library

Pre exam routine: going to office hours

Study song: any violin concerto


Favourite spot: IKB

Favourite study song: lo fi

Pre-exam routine: not really one


Favourite study spot: Koerners library 3rd floor

Pre exam routine: get organised, make myself a study schedule

Favourite study song: piano covers of songs (so the lyrics don’t distract me! )

Most common problem: Too much due at once and can’t keep up with work
How to help solve this problem: Ask about their current study schedule and help walk them through organizing their schedule

Top 3 study tips: Do practice problems, keep a physical copy of study schedule, make a cheat sheet


Favourite study spot: The law library reference room,

Pre-exam routine is a big breakfast

Favourite study song: Turn! Turn! Turn! by Papa M


Favourite study spot: Abdul Ladha. It’s not that busy and noisy.

Study routine: Flash cards and it helps a lot


Favorite study spot: IKB, 3rd floor – by the big windows

Pre-exam routine: NOT studying AT ALL, just watching a comedy TV Show, currently Family Guy. Last minute studying just makes more nervous.

Favorite study song: Acoustic versions of pop music, anything without words since hearing lyrics distracts me.


Favourite study spot: Ridington Room in IKB,

Pre-exam routine: Eat a full breakfast and have (at least) 2 cups of coffee!

Favourite study song: Anything Noah Kahan


Favourite study spot: Koerners

Pre-exam routine: Sleeping alottt.

Favourite song during exam season: Not a particular song but lofi study beats


Favourite study spot: the Jesus room in the Iona Building

Pre-exam routine: I listen to my heavy metal playlist and go for a little walk :slightly_smiling_face:

Study song: Here I Come (There You Go) by Royal Republic

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