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AMS Fees Opt-In Form

In accordance with the AMS code of procedures Section XIII, Article 3(7) and pursuant to AMS Bylaw 14(9), Active Members of the Society who are not eligible for the exclusive services of the health and dental plan and the U-Pass due to their special fee exemption status, may Opt-in to the Society’s fees in order to receive the aforementioned benefits.

Fill out this form if you are not assessed any AMS fees on your SSC and
1. Over the age of 65 or;
2. A graduate student on a program designated leave of absence or;
3. On a leave of absence or;
4. An incoming exchange or study abroad student or;
5. Taking distance education courses at UBC

This form is for currently registered UBC Students only. If you are an MD/Affiliate student, please contact your faculty directly for opt-in.

If you have opted out of the Health and Dental plan before and wish to opt back in. DO NOT FILL IN THIS FORM. SELF-ENROL WITH STUDENTCARE DIRECTLY.

Students must apply to opt-in during the designated opt-in period:
Winter Term 1: Aug 21 – Sept 25 2023
Winter Term 2: Jan 2 – Jan 16 2024

PLEASE NOTE: Should you wish to Opt-In to AMS Fees, you must Opt-In to all AMS Fees (Including U-pass fees, subject to eligibility requirements) this means the cost will exceed the cost of the Health and Dental Plan alone. Please keep in mind that once you opt-in, you cannot opt-out later.

For any questions, or further information on Opt-ins, Opt-outs or Subsidies, please contact

Sorry. This form is no longer available.