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Academic Integrity Week


Oct 14, 2022
Oct 20, 2022

October 19 is International day against contract cheating. To prevent that, Academic Integrity is central to our academic career. That’s why we are launching a campaign to deepen our understanding of the academic expectations at UBC and to find the resources available for your academic success.


  • October 17 

    • Writing with Integrity: Fundamentals for Emerging Scholars
      • Designed for undergraduate students, but open to all.How do I avoid plagiarizing? “Paraphrase,” “cite everything,” “stick to the style guide”… These answers, and perhaps the question itself, neglect the fact that academic writing involves a complicated process of text integration, rather than mechanically following the rules to avoid being accused of plagiarizing. Despite the widespread interest surrounding academic integrity, what constitutes academic integrity remains unclear to emerging scholars new to academic writing. Drawing on the most recent pedagogical research, this workshop will cover some fundamentals of academic integrity in the writing context.Dr. Xuan Zhang, Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication
        10:30am – noon
        In person in IKBLC, Dodson Room (Level 3) and online via Zoom
  • October 19

    • Writing with Integrity: Citing Like an Insider
      • Designed for graduate or experienced undergraduate students, but open to all.In this workshop, we focus on the interrelations between writers (academic and professional), their source materials (cited works), and their readers (intended audience). This pedagogical approach to writing with integrity positions workshop participants as emerging scholars grappling with the intertextual structure (why and how one text relates to others) of academic and professional writing—writing that positions emerging scholars as part of a dynamic, research community with something to say. This means we move beyond the mechanics and ethics of citation to consider some generative questions about the functions of citations in scholarly and professional writing.Dr. Patty Kelly, Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication
        10:00am – noon
        IKBLC, Dodson Room (Level 3) and online via Zoom
    • AMS Booth: Academic Integrity Awareness 
      • Come get free goodies and chat with us about Academic Integrity support and resources you can access from the AMS as a UBC student.
      • Office of Academic and University Affairs11:00am – 3:00pm
        Booth #20 in the NEST
  • October 20

    • Teaching with Integrity: methods and strategies for fostering academic integrity in your classroom or laboratory
      • Designed for graduate students (Offered by Graduate Pathways to Success, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies)This two-hour interactive workshop will introduce graduate students to current concepts in academic integrity. Beginning with case studies, we will examine misconceptions (both TAs/instructors’ and students’) about who commits academic misconduct, how, and why. We will introduce a framework for preventing academic misconduct that focuses on helping students understand the importance of acting with integrity and designing curriculum elements that encourage learners to do so. Participants will then put these methods and strategies into practice by designing materials they can use in their own teaching contexts.Dr. Laurie McNeill and Dr. Jessica Kalra
        9:00 – 11:00am
        Online via Zoom