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At AMS, our goal is to lead locally and globally in environmental, social, and economic sustainability by supporting students through initiatives and projects across UBC. Find out who we are, the ideas that guide us, and our history of innovative practices and programs.
The AMS Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF) was established in September 2011, when UBC students passed a successful referendum to support student-initiated sustainability projects through a $2.52 per student fee each year. The SPF encourages an environmentally conscious culture, by funding student-led projects that reduce the ecological footprint of UBC students and their campus.
The AMS Sustainable Action Plan (ASAP) aims to create a comprehensive outline that acts as a vision for the Society to be a leader in sustainability. ASAP works to combine sociocultural, economic, and environmental factors of sustainability into an actionable vision that intersects with AMS priorities involving advocacy, operations, and student services.
Are you interested in sustainability? Do you want to learn more about the projects AMS Sustainability is working on? Want to be involved with sustainability clubs on campus? Look no further! AMS Sustainability is hosting monthly symposiums for students to engage in discussions regarding sustainability on campus.