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You don't have to walk alone. If you feel unsafe getting from point A to Point B on campus after dark, our walking and driving teams can accompany you. Travel with a greater sense of security with Safewalk.

COVID-19 Update - June 4th

While the Safewalk program is currently suspended, AMS Services continues to monitor the latest recommendations from the BC Government, and aims to restart operations when safe to do so. Should clients require accompaniment, we advise folks to contact UBC Security at 604-822-2222, especially if you are walking at night alone. Consider walking in groups, or have a friend that can call you in 5-10 minutes’ intervals to check in with you. If you experience an emergency, please call 911.


Safewalk is a transportation service that accompanies students, staff and visitors with its driving and walking teams across campus after dusk. Safewalk prioritizes those who are vulnerable and feel unsafe travelling alone, allowing them to travel with a greater sense of security from one location to another. The service is intended to give safe means of transportation when no other form is available.

To make use of Safewalk within operational hours you can:

  • call us at (604) 822-5355
  • use a UBC Blue Phone and ask for Safewalk
  • drop by our office – NEST 1314

You will be asked to give your location, destination, contact number, first name and your student number (if you have one).

We will send a co-ed team by car or foot to accompany you to your destination. Due to travel times and a high volume of calls, we may not be able to get to you immediately so please wait for us in a safe, well-lit place.

Please read the Safewalk Usage Policy to see the dos and don’ts of accessing this service.


Wait time may vary from night to night. On busier nights wait times can be up to 45 minutes, but generally you’re looking at 15-20 minutes.

Most likely, yes. Safewalk is here to provide a safe means of travel for many people on campus, so we may be transporting more than one person at a time.

Safewalk operates anywhere on the UBC Endowment lands, so we will go as far as Blanca street. Please keep in mind, that if you’re calling from further away, your wait time may be a bit longer just to accommodate for the time it takes to walk or drive to you.

All comments, reviews and inquiries can be sent to the Safewalk Coordinator. We take client comments very seriously and will always try to respond in a timely manner.

If you are feeling unsafe getting to a party and have no friends to go with you, we’re here for you. Please keep in mind though, that our drivers have the right to refuse service to anyone who is intoxicated and cannot consent to receiving a ride.

Safewalk does not discriminate, and we aim to help anyone we can. However, employees reserve the right to deny anyone a walk if:

  1. They feel that the client is unable to care for themselves or consent to a trip.
  2. The employees or AMS property is at risk of harm.

If your friend is unable to call for themselves, chances are they will be declined for being unable to care for themselves.

Safewalk is a non-discriminatory service that prioritizes people who are alone and the most vulnerable. We encourage students to enforce safety in numbers. If you’re in a group and can’t call Safewalk, feel free to ask our Dispatch to set up calling points with you. They will be more than happy to have you call every few minutes to check in so that we know you’re safe.

To leave your feedback on the service Safewalk provides, please fill out our Feedback Form.

Other Safety Resources

If you need assistance outside Safewalk’s operational hours, you can call the following numbers.


Non-Emergency: 604-822-2222

  • Emergency: 911
  • Non-Emergency: 604-224-1322