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AMS Tutoring is focused on helping you achieve the grades you want on everything from coursework to exam reviews. There are two tutoring options open to all first and second-year students at UBC: Group Tutoring and Private Tutoring. All tutoring sessions are led by one of our verified AMS tutors.

AMS tutors are all upper year students who have received at least an A-. They know the subject, they know your professors, and they know your struggles. Keep reading to find out more about Group and Private Tutoring, and figure out which one works for you!

Contact Details

Sheldon Birkett
Tutoring Coordinator

Online via Nimbus App


(604) 822-9084

Group Tutoring

  • Group sessions only
  • Free of charge
  • No sign-up required, just drop in
  • Tutor varies

Private Tutoring

  • Individual sessions
  • Sign-up through the Nimbus App
  • Choose your own tutor and schedule
  • $35/hr
Free group sessions are scheduled on various days/times during the week and cover a variety of first and second year courses.
Private appointment tutoring gives you the flexibility to get the support you need when you need it.
Head into your exams with more confidence. Our verified AMS Tutors will help you prepare.