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Are you a first or second-year student? If so, AMS Tutoring is here to make sure you have the skills and support you need to tackle your work confidently. This doesn’t mean we’re going do your homework for you, but it does mean we can help you with coursework, assignments, exam reviews and more!

How it works

There are two tutoring options open to all first and second-year students at UBC: Group Tutoring and Private Tutoring. All tutoring sessions are led by one of our verified AMS tutors.

AMS tutors are brilliant academics, focused on helping you achieve the grades you want on everything from coursework to exam reviews. Keep reading to find out more about Group and Private Tutoring, and figure out which one works for you!

Group Tutoring

  • Group sessions only
  • Free of charge
  • No sign-up required, just drop in
  • Tutor varies

PRIVATE Tutoring


Group tutoring will be back in September. Enjoy the summer.


We also offer Private Tutoring for $25/hour for individuals and groups. Choose from our list of AMS approved tutors and set up a free consultation to see if they’re able to help you. Private tutoring does not operate on a regular schedule, as you will communicate with your tutor to find a time that works for both of you.

To book a private tutoring session for yourself or a group email

Please submit your request as soon as possible before your exams as there is a high volume of students and a limited number of tutors!

Tutors must be paid in cash prior to your session. Tutors are unable to tutor you otherwise.