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NEST IS CLOSED Monday August 2 for BC Day. Reopening Tuesday August 3 @ 8AM


Appointment Tutoring

We offer Private Appointment Tutoring for individuals through the Nimbus app. Choose from our list of AMS approved tutors and set up a free consultation to see if they’re able to help you. Private tutoring does not operate on a regular schedule, as you will communicate with your tutor to find a time that works for both of you.

Please submit your request as soon as possible before your exams as there is a high volume of students and a limited number of tutors!

How to access online appointment tutoring

In collaboration with our partners, AMS Tutoring is excited to offer online private tutoring through the Nimbus App. How it works:

  1. Log in to the Nimbus app as usual, search for the course you need assistance with, filter by private tutors by selecting “private session” on the toggle between group and private sessions, and then select your tutor. Choose “Online” as the teaching location.
  2. Once the session is confirmed and both parties are ready to go, you can select either “mobile” or “desktop” for their online session.
    • For mobile, the user will stay within the app, with a screen appearing for the duration of the session, through which either side’s screen can be shared – very similar to Google Hangouts.
    • For desktop, a URL will be shown to the user, and sent to their email, which directs them to a custom online portal for the session. Through this, they will be able to uniquely join this 1-to-1 video conference session.

Nimbus is continuously working on new features – check back here for the latest updates.

Courses available on Nimbus

Course CodeNumber of Available Tutors
MATH 1211
MATH 2211
MATH 2561
MATH 2651
PSYC 1023
CPSC 1032
MATH 1801
MATH 2581
PHYS 1181
MATH 1006
PHYS 1001
MATH 1017
MATH 2171
PHYS 1071
ECON 1015
MATH 1042
PHYS 1582
CHEM 2131
BIOL 1401
MATH 2101
MATH 2151
MATH 3071
BIOL 1127
CHEM 1216
CPSC 1101
ECON 1025
PHYS 1011
PHYS 1082
PHYS 2161
CHEM 1236
CHEM 2052
MATH 1201
BIOL 2003
MATH 1102
CHEM 1112
MATH 1022
BIOL 2013
MATH 1053
PHYS 2101
BIOL 2301
CHEM 2335
MATH 1841
MATH 1901
MATH 2002
MATH 1032
PSYC 1015
BIOL 1215
PHYS 1531
PHYS 1571
BIOL 2342
CHEM 2351
MATH 1524
MATH 2201
MATH 2571
PHYS 1702
PHYS 2031
STAT 2001
COMM 2952
COMM 2983
COMM 2961
CPSC 2211
MATH 0021
COMM 2051
CHEM 1542
APSC 1605
MECH 3601
CHEM 1205
PHYS 1061
FRST 2311
PHYS 4071
MICB 2022
BIOL 1551
PHYS 3011
PHYS 3041
CHEM 1305
PHYS 3121
MICB 2011
COMM 2931
ECON 3251
CHEM 1001
STAT 2511
STAT 3001
PSYC 2172
PSYC 3071
CPSC 2101