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As a student society representing a diverse body of individuals ​AMS has a responsibility to lead the way in regards to equity on UBC campus and beyond. This involves building an awareness of past, present, and future barriers to involvement and opportunity felt by a diversity of students. By supporting students and equity focused projects AMS aims to further equity and ensure that AMS is a student society that welcomes all.
The AMS is currently working towards the creation and execution of projects that aim to integrate equity into the DNA of the organization. These projects are run by students and for students to address various institutional barriers faced by students on and off campus. If you have any further ideas for projects that increase equity for students within and outside the AMS, please let us know!
The AMS Equity Plan (AEP) ​is a concerted effort by past and presentAMS staff as well as an external consultant. The plan aims to align and action the AMS’s equity and inclusion initiatives as well as enhance institutional awareness of various barriers to involvement and opportunity faced by students. The plan, on schedule to be complete by mid 2021, will involve key performance indicators to ensure that expectations of equity are met and sustainably built into AMS’s institutional framework.
Do you want to make the AMS more representative, accessible, and accountable? Do you want to help influence the way forward for the AMS? If the answer is yes we want to hear from you! The AMS Equity Plan, now in its community consultation phase, is committed to hearing the voices of students. We encourage students, especially those who belong to identity groups that have been historically, persistently or systematically marginalized, to join our discussion groups, complete our survey, or schedule individual consultation sessions with us.